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Beyond Sober

Apr 28, 2021

  • Today is the first day of the rest of your life – You’ve successfully completed six weeks of in-depth programming and you’re officially more superhuman than ever before. You’ve started the rest of your life off the healthiest way possible
  • Nobody can make you feel anything, and your emotions are a choice – You are in control of your emotions and your actions. Everything you do from here on out is the result of what you’ve practiced here.
  • There's a whole world waiting for you to share your strengths – You are the person the world never knew it was waiting for and today is the day you share your successes and bask in the glow of your own amazement. You deserve it
  • You're the leader now; what do you want to do with your new life – You’ve survived and conquered every single aspect of becoming beyond sober and designing a life you love. Your life ready for the new you?
  • You've completed the hardest 6 weeks of your life. Guess what! – It’s just the beginning! Nobody can take your progress and success away from you and you’re stronger than you’ve ever been before. Let’s do it again!