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Beyond Sober

Apr 28, 2021

  • Practice practicing is how the redundancy becomes embedded – Repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat again and don’t stop till you can’t stop repeating. It’s OK to be redundant if the redundancy creates healthy redundancy.
  • Once you think you've finished practicing, think about what you've practiced – The third layer of mastering anything you practice is teaching yourself what you know through examining your understanding of that practice
  • Everything is habit and repeating the best habits is how you stop worrying about yourself – Healthy habits are the easiest and most effective ways to stop worrying about yourself, the future, and the actions of others.
  • Third nature is inevitable once you see how powerful you are – Healthy habits become your automatic practice once you understand how powerful they are your everyday life. You’ll never refuse a healthy practice again.
  • Sharing what you've practiced is another form of self care – What you know becomes your experience and that experience becomes your knowledge. Share that knowledge with the people around you and watch the world unfold