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Beyond Sober

Apr 28, 2021

  • You are the king/queen of your empire. You are your only enemy – This is your world and nobody can stop the life you truly want to live. You are the one in control and only you can hand the keys to your empire to someone.
  • Not everything is obvious: Study your actions until you see the patterns – The most important thing you’ll ever learn to do a study yourself and become one with who you are, not who you think you know.
  • Self auditing is a practice - Knowing what is at the end of the road is the quickest way to turn the right direction. Paying attention to your decisions is the ultimate tool to recognize in the indicators that drive your momentum toward success.
  • You begin to see your struggles in other people – Over time you begin to recognize what you used to struggle with in the actions and thoughts of the people you choose to surround yourself with you don’t have to relate to their trauma
  • Only you can hold yourself accountable - Nobody needs to save a superhero because a superhero is actively saving themselves. Superheroes show up for themselves on a daily basis and find reasons they are superheroes.