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Beyond Sober

May 10, 2021

  • I am not the problem; I simply have a problem. Knowing this gives me hope and I look forward to overcoming what has been holding me back.
  • I am in control of my thoughts, actions, and who I choose to give my emotions to. This makes me feel empowered.
  • I always think and act today. I feel heroic, confident and exhilarated knowing my actions today will create success tomorrow. I feel unstoppable.
  • I am free of the fear of rejection. Rejection is a necessary thing to achieve happiness and success. I act without the fear of rejection and feel confident, strong minded, and energized.
  • I am good enough. I am smart, helpful and worthy of taking up anybody's time. Knowing I am good enough makes me feel comfortable, confident, and amazing.
  • I am free of the fear of mistakes and failure. Mistakes and failure are good and a necessary component to achieve success. I act without the fear of failure and understand that I am either winning or learning. I feel heroic and unstoppable.
  • I am very proud to be free of judging other people and comparing myself to them. I feel happy and strong minded knowing that I am not judging others.
  • I am very proud to be free of and imagining what other people are thinking and saying about me. What they may or may not be thinking is untrue and knowing this makes me happy, worry free, successful, and unleashed
  • I love reaching out for support because it is one of the most powerful things, I can do to continue achieving more success every day. This makes me happy.
  • I find it easier and easier to constantly improve myself personally and emotionally every day. My positive affirmations, goal setting and constant action makes me feel like I am making magic happen. I feel incredibly positive and strong minded.
  • I love exercising every day and giving my body what it truly wants. Exercising and stretching makes me feel well rounded, accomplished and the benefits I receive are contributing to my sobriety in a healthy way. This makes me feel powerful.
  • I attract success and success is attracted to me. The more successful I feel today, the more success I attract as I become happier and more forward thinking. This gives me hope.
  • Sobriety comes easily to me. I continue to attract opportunities to practice my sobriety because my health is more important than the feeling of being intoxicated. This makes me feel superhuman.
  • I am a motivated and energetic person that feels good every day. This feeling contributes to my health, happiness, and positive energy. This makes me feel worthy.
  • I am proud of myself and everything I have accomplished. I have achieved a great deal of success and survived everything that has been presented to me. I feel humbled and honored knowing I can overcome anything.
  • I am a powerful body, powerful mind, and powerful soul that loves to share happiness with others. Because of this, I am deserving of the world's greatest levels of success and happiness.
  • I am a happy person who is intoxicated with living. I enjoy life and life is good to me. This makes me feel happy.
  • Each day brings me fresh new opportunities to practice my sobriety and I look forward to beginning each day with a fresh approach to living a happy life.
  • I excel at whatever I do including my sobriety. I have a positive expectancy and I am known to win wherever I put my energy. This makes me feel powerful.
  • I am at peace with the world around me and the trauma that happened in my past. I understand that everything happened the way it is supposed to. I accept this information as a learning experience. This makes me feel intelligent.
  • I am thankful for what I have learned in my life experiences and excited for who I am becoming. Everything happened the way it should and knowing this makes me feel unstoppable.
  • I have inner strength, passion, and the confidence to excel at whatever I choose to do. This makes me feel powerful and at ease knowing I can conquer anything.
  • I complete more in less time than ever before because I am more forward thinking and I have a work ethic powered by my fuel to succeed. I feel superhuman.
  • This version of myself is the best version of myself and I am effortlessly achieving my goals because I am grateful, smart, powerful and courageous. Knowing this makes me thirst for more progress and I am happy.
  • I always share more happiness with others than others share with me. All my friends and family are happy, and they spread the good word of my success and accomplishments with everyone they know. I feel powerful, smart, and respected.
  • I know that I am the gatekeeper to my success and happiness. My success is generated from the amount of love I give to myself and share with others. My continued success and happiness are inevitable, and I look forward to becoming the best version of myself. I am living a life beyond my sobriety because I am unstoppable.